RYFT represents the top talent in the Esports industry, ranging from world champions to streaming influencers. We transform our clients’ careers, brands, and businesses on a global scale.

With our powerhouse talent agency partner, YouFirst Sports (, and our team of Esports experts, we are the most trusted team to handle your career. We are committed to you every step of the way.

Sponsorship Sales

RYFT's vast network helps our clients access and establish relationships with the major brands around the world. Our team of leading professionals have a proven track record to help maximize your organization's value.

Esports Advisory

RYFT works closely with brands to identify and to create meaningful partnerships with rights holders. The resulting partnership leads to highly engaged audiences to build valuable exposure and loyalty.

We ensure Esports is right for you by understanding your objectives and needs.

Branding Solutions

Fans are the lifeblood of Esports and organizations need to fight for fans on the battlefield and off. Powerful branding is key to attract and retain fans.

There is no one size fits all. RYFT is equipped with expert brand marketers to customize creative strategies for brand identity and management. We are committed to our clients from the start – analysis & strategy, implementation, and measurement.

                                                         Social Media Management

The Chinese social media landscape is a complicated place to navigate. With Esports added to the mix it makes it all the more complicated. Translating Western social media will fail. Not understanding the culture will fail.  

Whether it is creating, producing, or distributing content, RYFT develops engaging social media strategies for clients. We produce thrilling moments to reach your fans across the world.

Event Management

RYFT is experienced in storytelling to create one-of-a-kind experience for the world to see. Our people have been involved in building studios for Riot Games and OGN, creating the entire ecosystem for over 100 Esports events, including League of Legends Worlds 2012 – 2015, 2018 PUBG Global Invitational, League of Legends LCS and League of Legends LEC.

With us, our clients become a clear voice that cuts through the noise that normally dilutes one's brand.

Working With The Best Teams
and Talent In Esports

High quality service comes from the strength of the team

-Owned Pro Teams


-Negotiated several seven figure deals

with in Esports and Media

-Works with several government bodies

to introduce Esports including

a partnership with the city of Wenzhou

-Former EVP at an investment firm with

over US$2B assets under management

Favorite games:EverQuest, World of Warcraft,

Counter-Strike (all of them!)

Chief of Staff

-Professional Esports

Team Manager

-Managed and scouted

over 55 players

-Favorite games:Street

Fighter, PUBG: Mobile, CS:GO

-Technical Producer for League of Legends Worlds Season 3, 4, 5, and 7, PUBG 2018 Global Invitational, and LPL 2016, 2017 and multiple League of Legends studios
-Riot Technical Director
-Favorite games:Final Fantasy 7, League of Legends, Bomberman

Head of Strategy and Corporate Development
-Seven years of experience
of Esports team management
and strategy.
-Over a decade of experience in capital markets , working on multibillion dollarmultibillion-dollar projects.
-Favorite games:The Legend of
Zelda, Counter-Strike (all of them),
League of Legends


RYFT Partnership With YouFirst Sports
In 2019, RYFT partnered with YouFirst Sports to expand global operations and services. YouFirst Sports is an international sports marketing and athlete representation agency, established in Madrid in 2002 and today with a network of 21 offices in 12 countries – including China with an office in Shanghai. Its services include sponsorship strategy and activation, content production, digital and social media and influencer activation and large event management. It also maintains strong relationships with rights holders and clubs to ensure that it is recommending the best partnerships to meet its clients business objectives.

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